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Export services

Export Market Scan 
Interested in the Dutch market or another export market ? Based on desk research, ExportStudio provides you with a scan of your specific market. 

Prospect or Partner Search & Listing
Based on desk research and our own network, ExportStudio identifies your potential customers or business partners in the required export market and provides you with a comprehensive listing in PFD-format. Then you may decide to contact these prospects or agents/distributors by yourselves or to leave this to ExportStudio. 

Prospect or Partner Approach
Based on the prospect or partner listing you may consider to allow ExportStudio to do the initial approach with your proposition in the new export market in order to generate enquiries or to set  up a meeting. Each prospect or partner approach will be followed by a detailed report including the results of the telephone conversations and the follow-up if any.

B2B Matchmaking and Hosting of Inbound Trade Missions
Starting with the company profile of the trade mission participant, ExportStudio will create a longlist including matching B2B contacts based on own network and desk research. These matching B2B contacts will be contacted by phone and e-mail in order to assess their interest in a B2B-meeting with the visiting, foreign company and if so, appointments are made. ExportStudio is committed to developing a high-value B2B meeting schedule for the trade mission participants, the basis for the success of such an export marketing event. If required, ExportStudio is available for the hosting of the trade delegation.

Translation Service
To be successful in international business, it is crucial to communicate in the language of your customer or prospect. If required, ExportStudio provides you with commercial translations of your information materials e.g. leaflets, quotations etc. in the English, French, German or Dutch language. Business translations in consideration of the culture of your prospect or customer. In doubt about your own translation ? ExportStudio helps you out.

ExportStudio stands for a sound and structured approach focussing on customer and quality.